is a family owned company based out of Ohio dedicated to making the best use of childhood years by providing high quality products designed to involve children in creative, developmental and delightful play. We offer only carefully selected items providing fun and beneficial activity, lasting memories, and a keepsake to be passed down to children’s children.

Our team members have fond memories of our own childhood and of special toys we enjoyed and have since passed down to our children, and even to their children. Some of us are new parents learning the value of high quality children’s toys and furniture as opposed to so many lesser products on the market. All of us understand how quickly children grow and how important the passing season of childhood play is to our personal development. We are absolutely convinced of the great need for children to enjoy play to the fullest before they are expected to join the adult world all too soon.

At Keepsake Toys and Furniture, we never tire of watching children play to their heart’s delight with the carefully selected items we have included on our website for your purchase and for your child’s gleeful use. Our greatest reward is in knowing we are providing you with a good investment in your child.

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